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What is a day in the life of a franchise like?

A typical Husse franchisee starts their day by checking messages and e-mails in the web store. The store also helps them plan their day depending on what deliveries must be made. They then reply to several e-mails and calls, continuing to network and building relationships with prospective customers.

In the morning they visit two dog parks where they talk to several pet owners, make product presentations and offer free samples while collecting customer’s contact information. On their way there, they stop by a couple of pet day-care centers and a groom salon to greet members of their local Husse Club.

They then have a meeting with the manager of a local dog shelter and convince them to buy the Husse Professional line.

After having completed the deliveries for the day, they head to the dog beach where they spend the afternoon interacting with more pet owners and growing his/her business.


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