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Our happy customers:

In 2008 when Lani was volunteering at rescue event, she discovered that they were looking for someone to take Sparkles "just for the night" because Sparkles was just found on the street and there was no room in any of the shelters.  

Right away Lani and her husband thought Sparkles was a great dog and decided to adopt her.

The vet said she was in fine health: no worms, etc. and the rescue group had her spayed.  

However, in 2011,  Sparkles began limping.  Lani took her to the vet and it was discovered that Sparkles had Valley Fever and began medication right away.  She was recovering from the Valley Fever after a few months on the medication, however, her limping got worse. After an x-ray, it was discovered that Sparkles had a mass in her back leg joint.  The vet recommended having her leg amputated and after great consideration, Lani decided that was the best thing for Sparkles.

Unfortunately, Lani and her husband felt so bad for Sparkles after this horrific procedure that they began “sneaking” her treats and she gained ten pounds...she went from 30 pounds to 40 pounds. It was increasingly difficult for Sparkles to get around because of the weight gain and losing a leg. She just couldn’t get the weight off because she couldn’t move around well. 

Sparkles tried two different kinds of diet food prescribed by the vet...the first one she wouldn't even eat and the second one did nothing to help her lose weight.  

 Lani says, “Fortunately for Sparkles we found Husse Optimal Light!  She began to lose weight almost right away, which made it easier for her to get around on her three legs.  Her coat improved and she loved the taste. She would start barking at dinner time for her Husse! Which she has never done!

I must say that Husse has awesome customer service.  I have a 5 month old French Bull dog and he loves Valp.  Samantha drives 2 hours each way to deliver Reggie his food, which he loves.  Good thing Samantha has a Range Rover with a cooler, so that she can eat her lunch on her road trip.  Thanks Samantha


Reggie and Megan

Prescott, AZ